I Tried 6 Fast Running Shoes To Speed Up My Miles

Average 5K pace: My feet didn’t make it that far…

I wanted to like these shoes so badly. Not only are they endlessly cool (because, let’s be honest, no other brand in the running world has quite the same swag factor as Nike), but they also happen to be the shoes Eliud Kipchoge wore when he unofficially ran the world’s first sub-two-hour marathon. Sadly, though, they just weren’t for me—which goes to show you that when it comes to running shoes, one man’s treasure is another woman’s charity donation.

But though the Vaporflys didn’t work for my wide, over-pronated feet (they gave me blisters on my arches that required me to quit a run halfway through), it doesn’t mean that they aren’t seriously badass sneakers. The full-foot carbon plate is paired with ultra-responsive foam and Nike’s signature, breathable FlyKnit material, which allows you to push off the ground with comfort and ease. If you’ve got narrow feet that don’t roll inward (or outward) as you move, these are a great pick.






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