7 Best Reflective Running Shoes for Night Jogs 2023

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With sunset creeping up earlier and earlier each day the closer we get to winter solstice, squeezing in a weekday jog might often mean venturing out for a run in the dark. In that case, it’s best to be prepared; grab your running lights,  a pair of running gloves, and ditch the black sneakers for a pair of reflective running shoes. Safety first, after all.

Experts In This Article

  • Mike Orton, Mike Orton is the Apparel PLM at Brooks Running.

Reflective clothing and footwear that is specifically made to bounce light back at passersby can help keep you visible to passing cars. According to Mike Orton, product manager at Brooks, putting reflection on “high-motion zones” on the body like your feet, knees, and shoulders, can help drivers see a runner more effectively on the road.

“We know that people react differently when they recognize someone on the road as a human versus a sign,” Orton previously told Well+Good about designing Brooks’ Run Visible collection. “The focus there switched from making sure we placed reflective elements at high motion zones on the body.”

One part of your body that’s obviously constantly in motion on a run? Your feet, of course! So maximizing reflectivity can and should start from the ground up, with a pair of reflective running sneakers. Here are our favorites to keep you safe and swift while running at night.

Best overall:

A pair of white running shoes with neon yellow and black accents.

Brooks, Run Visible Ghost 15 – White/Ebony/Nightlife — $140.00

Available sizes: 5-13, in half sizes and four widths.

The Brooks Ghost 15 is our overall best pick for an easy, balanced ride, no matter where your runs take you. Built with neutral stability and ample cushioning, these sneakers are made to keep you comfortable mile after mile. The latest iteration includes a softer, bouncier midsole than previous models, as well as a segmented crash pad for smoother transitions and a lightweight, breathable upper.

In the words of one W+G contributor, it’s the “ultimate everyday running shoe” thanks to its comfort and versatility. But it’s also the ultimate every-night running shoe—according to the brand’s website, the reflectivity will ensure you’re seen up to 600 feet away.

Colors: 20+


  • Reflective features for nighttime visibility
  • Versatile
  • Cushioned
  • Neutral support
  • Select sizes/widths sold out

Runner up:

Lululemon, Blissfeel 2 – Faded Zap/Light Ivory — $128.00

Available sizes: 5-10.5, in half sizes

Another everyday neutral running shoe you’ll be glad to lace up at night is Lululemon’s Blissfeel 2. Crafted with a 3D-molded upper, these sneakers are like a hug for your feet and support your feet stride after stride. On the cushioning front, they’re certainly shock-absorbing and give joints a much-needed break from miles on hard surfaces.

The only downside? They’re not technically reflective, however, the bright neon of the Zap/Light Ivory colorway will certainly stand out in low-light environments.

Colors: 10


  • Designed specifically for women’s feet
  • Neutral stability
  • Versatile
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Not reflective, however color is bright in low-light/dark environments

Best for weather:

A black running shoe with white and orange accents.

Asics, Gel Kayano 30 Lite Show — $170.00

Available sizes: 5-13, in half sizes

Another podiatrist-loved brand, Asics, has its own line of reflective footwear and apparel called Lite Show. These shoes have “strategically placed” reflective bands to catch the light when your foot is in motion, keeping you visibile to drives at night. Gel Kayanos are revered as a stability and support shoe that’s a great choice for people with flat feet who need help correcting pronation.

Unlike previous iterations, the Gel Kayano 30s have been updated with a, “warmer, more water-resistant to help create a more comfortable cold-weather running experience.” Aka, they’re perfect for winter evening jogs.


  • Reflective features for nighttime visibility
  • Supportive stability
  • Warmer, weather-resistant upper
  • Shock-absorbing

Best for speed:

Saucony, Vizipro Endorphin Speed 3 — $170.00

Available sizes: 5-12, in half sizes

Meet your secret weapon for speedwork. These kicks redefine lightness and responsiveness, perfect for turbocharging your sprints and drills. With precision-fit FormFit technology, these shoes adapt to your unique foot shape, ensuring a snug, customized feel without restricting movement. The brand’s VIZIPRO design incorporates reflective elements for enhanced visibility during dawn and dusk runs, too. That way, you can stay safe *and* swift.


  • Reflective features for nighttime visibility
  • Swift and supportive
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Durable

Best minimalist:

Flux Footwear, Adapt Runner — $140.00

Available sizes: 5.5-15.5, in half sizes

Flux Footwear is dedicated to making zero-drop shoes that mimic the feeling of being barefoot, which allow your feet to move as naturally as possible. The lightweight Adapt Runner is a minimalist’s dream, perfect for those who want to feel as free as possible while still giving you protection from outdoor elements. Each pair is designed with a roomy toebox to allow for proper running form, a zero-drop height for a full range of motion, and a removable cushioned insole. Of course, they’re reflective, too; Each pair sports 3D reflective details that catch the light when you’re in the dark.

Colors: 8

  • Reflective features for nighttime visibility
  • Zero-drop heel allows for “barefoot” feel and total range of motion
  • Cushioned insole
  • Versatile
  • Might not be supportive enough for those with pronation issues

Most shock-absorbing:

A pair of navy running shoes with teal, purple, and pink accents.

Asics, Gel-Nimbus 25 Lite Show — $130.00

Originally $170, now $130

Available sizes: 7-15 in half sizes

Dubbed the best “overall” shoe in the Asics line by podiatrists, this all-purpose, supportive sneaker is perfect for runs of various distances and intensities. The star of the show is its cushioning, which sucks-up impact like a sponge. The foam outsole combined with a gel insert in the midsole ensures soft, plush landings over and over again. And since it’s part of the Lite Show line, there are multi-colored neon bands that bring the party to your feet. Safety is fun!

Colors: 20+

  • Reflective features for nighttime visibility
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Neutral stability
  • Versatile
  • Might be too cushioned/high for those with balance issues

Most versatile:

A pair of beige running shoes with white and gold accents.

New Balance, FreshFoam X 1080V13 – Timberwolf with Reflection — $165.00

Available sizes: 5-13, in half sizes and two widths

If you need something that can be worn on and off the road, these are the sneakers for you. The versatile cream coloring looks just as great with running shorts or tights as it does with jeans or a dress. As for comfort, they feel like you’re running on clouds, thanks to the Fresh Foam magic in the midsole. They hug your feet just right with a cool, lightweight upper, making them as comfy as your favorite pair of socks. If you *do* want to take them for a spin at night, you’ll have the reflective metallic accents to thank for added visibility.

  • Reflective features for nighttime visibility
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.






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